12:00-4:00: You’re ready for the tournament. You have your bracket all filled out and think it is perfect. This will be the year! Try to stream all of the games on your work computer while pretending to get your job done. Do not draw too much attention from coworkers as the boss may find out. If you are in class, sit in the back row and pretend to take notes while having multiple games pulled up. Whatever you do, DO NOT show excitement for a buzzer beater or upset.

4:00-6:00: Hopefully you’re out of work and class by now. On your commute home, (Carefully) stream a game and turn another on your radio. Get home or to your friends as quickly as possible in the meantime.

6:00-10:00: Get out the beer, wings, and pizza. Get the money on your betting app flowing and have fun. Today is for your bracket to be right and you to make money. Just don’t be “that guy” at the bar.

After 10: Get drunker and drunker. You realize your bracket is already busted and you’ve lost all of your money. Wallow in self-pity and go into depression until next March. Then do it all over again.