Friday night was a good night for Arizona head coach Sean Miller. He watched his team execute a flawless gameplan and hold UCLA phenom Lonzo Ball to just eight points on 2-7 shooting. You would’ve thought that an 86-75 victory and a trip to the Pac-12 Championship Game would be enough for Miller, but there was something else he had to take care of first. With 0.9 seconds remaining and the game well out of hand, Miller called timeout in what appeared to be a bizarre move in the moment. When he was asked about the timeout after the game, he gave one of the greatest and most petty answers of all time.

Incredible. The list of things that could have been running through Miller’s mind in that moment is endless, but settling a petty dispute from earlier in the season trumped all of them. In the words of Stephen A. Smith, “You do NOT want make an enemy out of me.”

Advantage: Miller.