THIS IS AN ARTICLE, by Luke Maiers.

I have never been much of a women’s basketball fan, aside from the Queen Bees here at St. Ambrose University, but what the Mississippi State women just did has me buzzing. When this game went to overtime, I told my roommates that UCONN would win by ten. Am I glad I was wrong. This is by far the greatest game to be played in either the men’s or women’s NCAA Tournament so far this season.

As overtime ticked down, I kept thinking that UCONN is going to hit a mini-run, but the run never came. Then, the call that basically handed the game to UCONN. The flagrant 1. Was it the correct call? Yes. Do I hate that officials can go to the monitor and freeze the game for ten minutes? Yes. The problem I have with it is that what they called the flagrant on was totally incidental. After two made free throws by UCONN to tie the game, they had the ball with a chance to win.

Then UCONN did something that they never do. They lost track of the clock. Saniya Chong drove up the left side of the lane and and turned it over with twelve seconds left. The ball went out of bounds and went to Mississippi State. The rest is history…

Morgan Williams splashed home a buzzer beater as time expired and set up and all-SEC title game. This game will be remembered by basketball fans for a long time, as it should be.

One final note, I would like to give a shoutout to St. Ambrose alum, Chris Hassel for correctly picking the women’s title game teams. #GoBees