In most years, around this time, I am sitting on a couch watching the last game wind down, staring at my bracket and asking, what in the HELL was I thinking. Tonight, as I watch my eventual winner, Arizona, kick the crap out of North Dakota, there was a different feeling as I looked at my bracket.

Game that Ruined the Day

Believe it or not, my bracket is sitting pretty after Day 1. Could have been perfect, if UNCW could have pulled off the upset against Virginia. It truly looked like an achievable task, then 7:25 seconds left in the first half hit, and Virginia suddenly learned how to play basketball again, then proceeded to go on a 19-3 run to end the half. UNCW only saw the lead one more time after half, and the second game had already crushed my dreams for a perfect bracket.

I was pretty distraught about the loss for a couple of games, then I noticed that all the other games were going my way. Normally, when the rain falls in March, IT POORS. But not on this blistering day. The green names continued popping up on ESPN, and went on a 14 (and counting) game winning streak.

That is pretty much all I can talk about, because the picks were standard. It seemed like a very realistic day for March, and that is never good news. It can only get weirder from here, so enjoy looking at green on your bracket, because it's about to be the red light district.

There's Always Tomorrow

Here's my bracket after Day 1, and what I have for Day 2. The Madness resumes at 9:15 Am in Arizona, and I'm going to bed in hope of similar results as today. Those similar results will hopefully be 1st/ tied for 1st in each of my groups.