The week one games of Ice Cube’s new 3 on 3 league aired on FS1 last night and turned out to be a pretty entertaining watch. It’s great to see legends like Allen Iverson, Jason Williams, Chauncey Billups and Stephen Jackson on the court again. But I just couldn’t help but notice that majority of players out there were…how do I say this…old as shit. When Ice Cube first proposed the concept of BIG3, I was expecting a fast paced “street-ball” type league featuring quick play and athleticism, but in reality it looks like an adult intramural league for retired NBA players. Don’t get me wrong, most of these guys played in the NBA for 7+ years, so they are no scrubs…but at the same time pulling up the official roster and seeing how old these guys  are was a little bit of a shock. The average age of the League is 37, with the youngest player being 29 and the oldest player being 48. While most of these guys used to be NBA superstars, some of their ages are definitely showing….Most notably Allen Iverson, who played sparingly and only scored 2 points while shooting 1-6 from the field. I mean that man is half the reason anybody is even watching this league, so really disappointing to see him out of his prime. In fact, in a BIG3 press conference he even told his fans to not expect to see him out on the court too much…media ploy city.

But that’s enough hating on the old guys, lets talk about how Ice Cube could up the level of play in this league. These retired NBA players can still ball, but I feel like if you combined those legends with some college/freshly graduated college players, it would make for an exciting league. I didn’t even bother to put any research into whether or not it would be possible for college players to play in 3v3 leagues over the summer, but I’ve got a good feeling the NCAA wouldn’t allow it because well…they are the NCAA…and they hate fun. Even if it isn’t possible for current collegiate athletes to participate in the league, what about recently graduated players who just aren’t quite ready for the NBA out of college. I mean screw going to play in Europe, why do that when you can play along side NBA legends in a league commissioned by the guy who wrote “Fuck The Police”.

For instance, everybody’s favorite Polish Sasquatch, Prezmek Karnowski, would be the perfect fit for this league.

Karnowski is currently on the Charlotte Hornets summer league roster, but forget all that noise, this man would be absolutely unstoppable in half-court games. Just too big of a body with too nice of a touch, forget your dreams of the NBA and realize that this is you calling Big Shem.


-The four point shot is a game changer and honestly just another reason to inject some youth into the league. If we wanted to go real crazy with it, how about adding the youngest Ball brother…LaMelo or whatever…That kid shoots like 20 half court shots a game according to youtube. Or maybe it’s a perfect fit for the middle Ball brother…since Lavar Ball allegedly straight up told him that he won’t make it to the NBA.

-Squad names could definitely use some work. Like 5 teams names involve word play relating to hitting 3-pointers…. 3’s Company, Killer 3’s,  Tri-State, Three Headed Monsters (smh), and Trilogy.

-Everybody’s favorite ginger Brian Scalabrine is the captain of one of the BIG3 squads….Even better he named his team “The Ball Hogs”. Kind of ironic considering The White Mamba was far from a “ball hog” in the NBA.

Is an injection of youth just what Ice Cubes BIG3 league needs, or are you happy watching these past-their-prime legends duke it out with each other. Let me know what you think and tweet any thoughts, love or hate to me @LiamSmith0 or @StudentUSports