What is up with this tournament, to be honest, I don’t know.

So as I am the resident Pac-12 fanboy on this site (Bill Walton is my God), I figure to tell you WHY you should root for the Pac-12 heroes!

Making History

The Ducks’ have been breaking history this tournament/season, but no one has been paying attention (other than the Pac-12). This year’s team has scored the most points ever at Oregon. But here is the kicker, they are not done yet. Scoring around 80 points per game, which is good for 48th in the nation this year has been buckets. Speaking of scoring, the Duck’s are balling from 3PT land. Tyler Dorsey has had an INSANE tournament so far. He has knocked down a solid 65.4% entering the Final Four. While that is wild, Dorsey is currently on pace to set the record for highest 3PT percentage in the history of the tournament. He has some wiggle room too with the current record at 63%. He also has been over 20PTS in SEVEN straight games, and who can forget that breakout game against URI when he went 4-5 from 3PT land and ended with 27PT’S (also against KU but who is counting)

Defense Wins Championships

You know the adage, “defense wins championships”? It is the backbone of this team, and they have handled each game. The Jayhawks entered the Elite Eight scoring 90PTS in each match and rocking the 3PT ball. That ended tragically when KU only shot 1-15 from 3PT and only managed a slim 60pts. The Duck’s do it in all fashion too, they play man to man, and then will switch to a zone to keep the offense off guard. Can’t forget to mention that Devonte Graham (KU) made at least one 3PT entering the day, but went 0-6 on 3PT against this team. Talk about smothering defense.

What Can Bell Do For You

After losing important big man Chris Boucher to injury, many people and writers counted on them losing early. “Lacking” the inside game, and scoring they said. What they did not mention is that Jordan Bell would step up in his absence. Bell had a monster game against KU but has been solid for the Duck’s throughout the tournament. Bell has had a double-double in every game so far. He stepped up against KU and had eight blocks, on top of 11PT’S and 13REB. This guy is all about the heart, don’t count him out!

For the first PAC-12 team to make it to the Final Four in 9 years, this team can win the Natty. OU’s first Final Four since 1939..which they won.

Stay tuned for more PAC-12/Final Four/ Snapchat take over as the city of Phoenix hosts!

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