Lets just be honest here, would there be anything better than being the starting Quarterback at the University of Alabama? Quick answer is probably not. You basically get to go through your entire career as a game manager and win multiple national championships while banging every hot girl in town. You hand the ball off 45 times a game to a running back who is probably going to be a first round pick in the NFL draft, all while getting to chill behind an offensive line consisting of future NFL starters. I’m actually not a big SEC guy but come on you are kidding yourself if you wouldn’t love to be an Alabama starting Quarterback.

For God’s sake AJ McCarron is one of the most mediocre QB’s to ever grace college football and he ended up marrying the smoke show that is Katherine Webb. When you give Brent Musburger a boner on national television you have to be pretty hot…… which she is.

Back to point A, Aj McCarron was a fucking Heisman candidate handing the ball off 50 times a game to Trent Richardson and Eddie Lacy. He won three national championships while he was on Alabama’s team and also dated maybe the hottest girl to ever come from the state of Bama (I know thats a bold statement, but c’mon look at her). All in all AJ McCarron won college by banging smoking hot girls and winning national championships left and right. He will also be a backup for the rest of his NFL career which I’m assuming he is more than okay with considering past events.
Jacob Coker played at Alabama for one season and had the face of a puberty-ridden teen, but by God he won a national championship, got free drinks everywhere he went and cemented himself in the legacy department at the University of Alabama. Jalen Hurts is a freshman and played in his first national championship as a starter already (couldn’t beat Dabo and company, but then again who can). Jalen is probably never going to play a meaningful down in the National Football League but I can tell you now he is going to have a hell of a time at Bama as a starting Quarterback….And you know what good for him. I may be in the minority, but I’m all in for good looking women, free drinks and winning football games on Saturdays.
-Johnny Rambos-