Lilly Donahue | Indiana University

Mike Gundy, the head coach of Oklahoma State football, is quite a character. For starters, the man rocks a full-on mullet at age 49, something that is usually reserved for your dad’s mid-life crisis. Gundy is not in such a crisis, but he is college football’s wild child. In addition to his Billy Ray Cyrus-esque hair style, he’s also been on a shenanigan rampage as of late. Earlier this year he donned a singlet to promote OSU’s top-tier wrestling team while sitting at his desk with a giant coffee mug that reads “Big Daddy”. I can’t say if this promo increased fan attendance, but it definitely increased my creeped out levels!

This March, Coach Gundy joined Wild Bill on a rattlesnake hunt (something I didn’t know existed) in Okeene, Oklahoma, and someone snapped this gem:

There’s nothing that’ll make a person question your sanity quite like picking up an angry rattlesnake and holding it two feet away from you. And while we’re on the subject of sanity, let’s take a journey into Mike Gundy’s world of alternative facts, or, in this case fact. Early in the 2016-17  football season, OSU was upset by Central Michigan on a wild last play. The problem is, CMU actually shouldn’t have had the final down due to an officiating error, and, if not for this mistake, OSU would have won the game. The error was later acknowledged, but Central Michigan kept the win because that’s how life works. Everyone in America has accepted this, no matter how unfair it is, as fact. Except one man: Mike “The Mullet” Gundy. Reports say that Coach Gundy, throughout the remainder of the season, addressed the CMU game as a win, but that’s far from the craziest part. Since the Cowboys won the Alamo Bowl, the players and staff were given title rings that had the team’s record on it, 10-3. Whoops, looks like I made a mistake there. While Oklahoma State’s record was 10-3, Gundy, in his undying belief that they won the CMU game, actually had the rings engraved with the record 11-2.

With this kind of ability to deny facts, Mike Gundy might find himself getting appointed to the Trump Administration! His press conferences would be entertaining, to say the least.