On Sunday night in Bowling Green Kentucky, a very unfortunate and devastating event happened involving the football team at WKU. Several Western Kentucky University football players are under investigation for allegedly rolling up to the Pi Kappa Alpha (Pike for short) fraternity house and beating up two people in a violent masked attack. Law enforcement has come out and said that at least 4 members of the team (as of now the names have not been released) are involved in the investigation over this March 5th incident that left at least one man hospitalized.

According to the police report I saw, an alumni of the Pike house was originally called to the scene by a current member who told him “a couple football players were outside looking to fight. The alum said he confronted the players to get them to leave. but instead, one of the guys tackled him into a fence and began beating him up. A Pike member stated he tried coming in to break things up but he was also attacked. The alum said he went to the E.R. for his injuries.

Cops were then called in and tracked down one of the football players who admitted he and his teammates went to the Pike house to get revenge after someone got jumped at a Pike party the night before. This is very interesting to hear as why would football players go to a party to “try and get revenge” and put their college careers at risk?

To make this worse is that the police said that one of the victims claimed several of the suspects were also carrying guns. If you guys don’t know, if you don’t have a permit to carry the gun, you could be in deep shit if you get caught with one! And at least one suspect allegedly had a box cutter knife on him as well. And get this…to make it look not so bright for the players, cops say they found evidence on their social media that one of the football players sent the Pikes a warning that they were coming to attack them.

So far, no arrests have been made. And a rep for the team says, “We are aware of the allegations involving a few members of our football team. We are cooperating fully with the authorities. However, at this time, we have not received a police report and cannot provide further comment.”

This does not look good for the football team or the players who were involved either. The Hilltoppers went 11-3 last year, their best record (besides 2015) in a LONG time and were ranked 23rd by CBS Sports at the end of the season after their 51-31 route of Memphis in the Boca Raton Bowl. They also won the C-USA Championship after going 7-1 in their conference in the regular season as well. So if (but most likely when the) charges start to surface, then the players who were involved will most likely get suspended (and if they were good it could really hurt them) and it will look very bad on the team and school.