Well, well, well, looks like Hugh Freeze wasn’t the second coming after all, as you all know he resigned today From Ole Miss after he made a call to an escort (prostitute) on his business phone. Bad move all around, but I can’t hate because I’ve made many….many calls to escorts through my own phone. I guess Tweeting bible verses and running around telling everybody how great of a Christian you are doesn’t always make you a good Christian.

So, yes Hugh Freeze won a couple games here and there and finished in the AP top 10 once, but he cheated and paid recruits his entire career. How can his legacy ever be anything other than paying Leremy Tunsil and Robert Nkemdiche to come there in the same recruiting class. Robert Nkemdiche was committed to Clemson until Mr. Freeze came in and paid him off so he would come to Ole Miss, its amazing all this time of paying recruits and cheating you couldn’t win more games. Sad!

Bo Wallace was a pretty cool quarterback, he was a true good ole southern bro. Then Hugh Freeze had the nerve to bring in the biggest douche bag in college football recent memory “Chad Kelly.” aka Mr. AK47 aka Jim Kelly’s nephew aka Mia Khalifa’s cuck. So yes Chad Kelly was a pretty good quarterback and then eventually got drafted by the Broncos but before all of this he told a bouncer he was going shoot him with his AK47 and kill him. Next, he DM’ed Mia Khalifa and asking for her Snapchat and got super exposed. I do not feel bad for him or Hugh Freeze, they are both awful dudes who made for a great easy to hate tandem.

Hugh Freeze is just a shitty version of Arnold Shwartzenager’s Mr. Freeze from Batman Forever, he left the program in turmoil and they could end up getting death penalty like SMU. They have had countless violations and they aren’t done just yet. I actually feel bad for my childhood friend Demarcus Gregory who is committed there right now as a wide receiver, Demarcus is one hell of an athlete and I hope he does great where ever he goes, but none the less Fuck Hugh Freeze and everything he stood for. Unreal how fake of a person he was.