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The first USA Today Coach’s Poll is out for the college football season and there isn’t much to complain about here. Some teams get a ton of votes just because of the name on the front of the jersey, but only two of those teams made the list, so bravo coaches. Alabama and Ohio State at the top is more predictable than Jon Rothstein’s tweets. Of course the defending national champion isn’t going to fall too far (although they lost a lot).

If you look at the teams that got votes, some of those selections are laughable. Notre Dame, Maryland, Michigan State, and Maryland are not teams who should be getting votes. Nonetheless, here are some of my other knee-jerk reactions to the first poll of the season.

Biggest Fraud

OF COURSE IT IS GOING TO BE THE TEXAS LONGHORNS! Texas has been irrelevant for a long time and somehow every year they manage to get their sorry asses into the top 25. They had five wins last season and yet here they sit at #23. Absolutely unreal. Get this garbage out of here. I honestly feel bad for Tom Herman because once he doesn’t make a bowl game this season, he will be on the “hot seat.” Last year after Texas beat Notre Dame, the play-by-play man on ESPN said as Tyrone Swoopes crossed the goal line, “TEXAS IS BACK FOLKS!” Sometimes I listen to that call just for a good laugh. That was an over exaggeration, just like them being in the top 25 yet again this season is.

SEC Bias is Still a Real Thing

For the love of all humanity, what does a conference have to do to get the bias that the SEC has gotten since 2000. Honestly. Here are the teams that I think have good things going for them in the SEC: Alabama (Saban), LSU (Coach O), and Georgia (Nick Chubb). Yet, somehow Tennessee has managed to crawl into the hearts of more people to start this season. They had nine wins last season, which was kind of seen as a disappointment, and they lost their QB from last year. Florida is fine, not great. Auburn is less than that. Take away Saban from this conference and you would see their true identity.

This is an alright poll, but if you want to see a really good poll, check out ours at the U.

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